Our Artists

Through art, our Friends are given the opportunity to improve fine and gross motor skills, stimulate intellectual growth, feel connected to a group and accepted by their peers. The use of art promotes imagination, self-expression and creativity while providing a refuge from expectations and evaluation by others. Artists at Mariposa Place are given the opportunity to display and sell their artwork for profit throughout the United States. Help support our individual and group artists by shopping in our online store.

“When you buy something from an artist, you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul…a small piece of someone else’s life.” – unknown


I love to color. My favorite is coloring in large Crayola books with markers. I really enjoy shopping and cooking. In my down time I like to do word searches. I have lots of friends and they are all important to me.

India D.

Painting is important to me. I can paint anything because it makes me happy. I like to play and listen to music. My favorite thing to do at Mariposa is play different instruments in Music Therapy. You will always see a smile on my face while painting and playing music.


Cross stich, embroidery and quilting are my favorite forms of art that I like to create at Mariposa Place. I look forward to gardening and sitting outside when the weather is warm. I enjoy cooking and trying different types of food. I love animals. I will take any chance I can get to hold and play with a cat.

Eda O.

People consider me to be outgoing. I have never met a stranger. My favorite things to do with my friends at Mariposa Place are working out at Planet Fitness, making different types of arts and crafts and all types of group activities.


I take interest in history, religion and culture, which I enjoy talking about with my friends. Imagination is what inspires me to create art. Being helpful is important to me. Most people do not like to clean but I enjoy it. I am the guy who will help with housework, hold the door open for others and always be polite.


I am a big sports fan. I used to play sports at Churchill park. My favorite team is UofL. I am creative at finding new ways to create crafts. I like to sell my artwork to art shows when I get the opportunity.